Colder temperatures mean it’s time to roll out the comfort food. From pastas and soups to baked chicken dishes and plenty of melted cheese, comfort food keeps us warm when the mercury drops…unfortunately, it doesn’t do us any favors with our waistline.

However, with portion moderation and regular exercise, the right comfort foods can actually help with weight loss. Of course, they aren’t a substitute for a healthful lifestyle, but who’s going to say “no” to comfort foods that help?

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Which wine pairs best with ribs?

A question probably not asked too often on Sunday…or Thursday Night. But as diehard football fans and purveyors of upper level football grub, we think you can enjoy a glass of wine during the game just as much as a cold beer.

Granted, sipping a 2007 Rosato in the tailgate lot may seem as out of place as a porkchop in a salad bar. But not every occasion calls for brewskie. For instance, let’s say it’s Thursday and you just ordered dinner at your favorite locally owned restaurant named after an azure-hued canine. Maybe you ordered a cut of sirloin or a nice steak & rib combo and a baked potato. And maybe a tall, frosty beer sounds a little too heavy to go with your meal.

Or maybe you’re just an ambassador for fine taste, showing the rest of us savages how it’s done.

Whatever the reason, pairing a glass of wine with football food is more than possible – it will actually bring out some pretty incredible flavors with your meal. Allow us to help guide you through this uncharted territory. Continue reading

If you’ve ever tried dicing onions at home, then you already know how much of a tear-jerking experience it can be. And we’re not talking about slicing your finger with the knife (though we highly recommend avoiding that too).

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There was a time when ordering a beer with dinner was as simple as, “Give me a light beer.”

Those were dark times. Dark times, indeed.

But with the skyrocketing popularity of craft beers, restaurateurs and customers alike are recognizing the versatility of pairing beer with food. Diners opting for a beer pairing in lieu of wine are increasing due to the complex flavors that beer brings out of food.

That’s not to say pairing wine with your food is a bad idea – far from it. But craft brewers are mad scientists when it comes to selecting the right ingredients to suit just about any kind of food. As a result, the right craft beer can bring out flavors in food that wine never could.

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Strawberry Fields Forever

As the seasons change, we always look forward to the fruits and veggies that come with the changes. But we’d be lying if we said strawberry season wasn’t our favorite!

In the Mahoning Valley, we are blessed with an abundance of local farms that produce some of the sweetest and juiciest strawberries you’ll ever sink your teeth into. When it comes to size, sweetness, and that eye-catching red color, locally grown strawberries are lightyears beyond anything you’ll find in a grocery store. Continue reading

Enjoy Live Acoustic Music with Perfect Pair

The Blue Wolf Tavern continues to bring you great local entertainment with Perfect Pair. The acoustic duo of Ashley Miller (vocals) and Michael Kermec (guitar, piano) is performing this Thursday from 8:30 pm to 11 in our lounge. Continue reading

Don’t miss live blues/blues rock entertainment this Thursday when we welcome “Mountain Man” John Burton to our lounge area. Burton is playing from 8:30 pm to 11, and as always No Cover Charge!

Start your weekend early…we’ll see you there!


Spring is finally thawing out the last of winter’s cold, which means Easter is right around the corner. We’ll be open on Easter Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we are taking reservations now. You’re not going to want to miss our incredible Easter menu. Continue reading