Kids holding hands

There’s a place in the Mahoning Valley where hopes and dreams come to life. It’s where inspiration happens and goals are achieved through invaluable commitment and love. A place where miracles can and do occur. This is Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley.

A decade ago, Akron Children’s Hospital opened its Beeghly campus on Market Street in Boardman. In that time, there have been countless stories of hope and prosperity with children overcoming the toughest of obstacles and defying the odds to living their best life. This wouldn’t be possible though without the support of the community to ensure children and their families receive the best treatment and services.

Helping others and doing what’s right for the greater good is a feeling of euphoria. We recently had the opportunity to give back in a big way by participating in Akron Children’s Hospital Miracle Meals back on October 3rd. The fundraising event gets local restaurants involved to helping children by donating a portion of their sales to support research and training, purchase equipment and cover treatment costs for families in need through Akron Children’s Hospital.

20% of every meal purchased at Blue Wolf Tavern went to Akron Children’s Hospital and their mission, but we didn’t stop there. We pledged to match the total amount raised, which came to over $1,800! This wasn’t possible without your support.

If you were unable to participate, that’s okay! There are many ways you can help children in need across the Mahoning Valley.


The smallest of donations can have the biggest impact on a child. Perhaps you have old toys or gently used clothing stored away in a closet. Rather than letting your items collect dust, give them a new home that will bring joy to a child’s face. Nonprofit organizations such as The Salvation Army and Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries accept used toys, stuffed animals, children’s clothing, books and so much more. Know your donation will directly benefit a child less fortunate.


In today’s digitally connected world, it’s easier than ever to share your message. A fundraiser does not require an army of organizers, promoters and volunteers. Anyone, including yourself, can simply create a fundraiser through a social media page or crowdfunding website. Don’t think it would make much of a difference? Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? The internet has given way to grassroots fundraisers that have gone viral. You never know; you’re cause could become the next big viral fundraising sensation.


Monetary donations are wonderful and appreciative, but if you’re unable to contribute cash to a cause, that doesn’t mean you still can’t make a difference. Your time is valuable and worth a lot more than money. Find a cause you’re really passionate about and volunteer. In fact, Akron Children’s Hospital is always looking for volunteers. Experience firsthand the fruits of your labor making a difference in someone else’s life. There’s no better feeling. Plus, when you volunteer, you’re doing wonders for the person you’re helping and yourself. Research shows volunteering can reduce stress, combat depression and provide a sense of belonging.