Perfectly Diced Peppers No Muss, No Fuss

Dicing bell peppers, or anything for that matter, can be one of the most annoying parts of prepping a kitchen. Those seeds get everywhere!

When it comes to dicing, people think they have to be a Gordon Ramsay every time. But moving fast doesn’t always make for top-shelf knife skills. Our advice is to take your time and save yourself an ER trip (or three).

Here are a few easy tips to quickly get perfectly diced peppers with as little mess as possible.

First thing’s first

You’re not going to get anywhere without the proper tools. Those serrated knife sets you find in the big box stores are best left in the bargain aisle where you found them. Knife sets usually mean bad knives. Go to a kitchen supply store and spend a little extra money on a top quality chef’s knife, like Wüstof or J.A. Henckels. A 7” or 8” Santoku knife also works well. You don’t need a whole kit. Just a few knives can go a long way in the kitchen.

Step 1: Cut all four sides of the bell pepper

Holding the pepper by the stem, slice the sides of pepper from top to bottom, taking care not to cut too far into the pepper. Otherwise, you’ll hit the core and will knock seeds everywhere. If your knife is sharp, you shouldn’t have to ‘saw’ too much, but definitely don’t just push down. Let the knife to the work for you.

Step 2: Cut off the bottom

Carefully cut the bottom of the pepper. The core, stem, and seeds should all be in one, easily discarded piece.

Step 3: Clean and slice

Cut away any remaining membrane parts. Then slice, or julienne, the side pieces into thin strips.

Step 4: Dice ‘em up

Take some of the slices and group them closely together. Hold the knife perpendicular to the strips and, using the knuckle of your middle finger as a guide, carefully dice the strips. There…perfectly diced peppers and no clean-up!

The size of the dice depends on personal preference and what you’re making. A medium to large dice can be good for just about anything from pasta salad to gyros. But if you’re using the peppers to flavor a soup or sauce, you’ll need a more finely diced vegetable, or a brunoise.

Happy cooking!