Who’s the greatest superhero? Is Superman considered the best for his superhuman strength and x-ray vision? Perhaps Spider-Man exemplifies what it takes to be a superhero? Or even Batman for his stealth-like martial arts abilities and superior detective skills? These are all wonderful choices, but there’s one individual who surpasses all as the greatest superhero, and you should know him pretty well.

Dad, pops, papa, the old man! No matter the name he goes by, he’s had your back since day one. From learning how to ride a bike to changing a flat tire to even fixing that loose bolt on the lawn motor, you’ve always counted on dad to be there. It’s not just mechanics or home improvement projects though. Dads are incredibly loyal, understanding, supportive and give the best advice as you venture through life’s ups and downs.

So, as Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to think of ways to show our appreciation for dad. Sure, the WORLD’S BEST DAD mug or classic tie are nice and thoughtful gestures, but let’s be honest, those gifts do not hold much meaning. Rather, there’s no better way to celebrate pops than a fun-filled day of memorable activities.

Play Ball!
Who doesn’t love a day at the ballpark? Bonding over America’s favorite pastime is a great way to catch-up on life while learning the secret to throwing the perfect curveball. Plus, a baseball game is a valid excuse to indulge your taste buds on these outrageous ballpark foods.

Go Fishing
Grab the poles, tackle box, perhaps a few beers and cast a line as you spend Father’s Day at the water. Whether it’s a pond in the backyard or fishing for walleye on Lake Erie, this is a memorable moment to stand side by side with dad and talk life while enjoying the outdoors. Here’s a fun fishing trick: Apply WD-40 to spray your fishing lures. It attracts fish and covers human odor that can potentially scare them off.

Hit the Links
Practice your putting at one of the many golf courses across the Mahoning Valley. Don’t look at it as just 18 holes of golf. Instead, it’s 18 holes worth of quality time with dad. Go next level and have you and dad take a golf lesson from a pro and pick up some tips to improve your game. Is dad not the golf course type? Okay, instead, challenge pops to a round of putt-putt.

Experience Thrills and Frills
Roller coasters, cotton candy and the ever-challenging ring toss, if you and dad are thrill seekers, then there’s no better way to spend Father’s Day than at an amusement park. And there’s no place like Cedar Point. The world’s #2 amusement park features 18 coasters, ten of which hold records for being the fastest, tallest and longest. Perhaps avoid the chilly cheese dogs before riding the Steel Vengeance.

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Brews
Cheers to Father’s Day with a craft beer or fine wine. Share your passion for ales and IPAs or dark and light wines by exploring a local brewery or winery. Or better yet, experience it all at one place. Blue Wolf Tavern is a great spot to celebrate Father’s Day, especially if you’re a beer or wine enthusiast. Experience our dozen craft brews on tap along with a wide variety of bottled beer and elegant wine to choose from.