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The recipe for success starts with a team of proven winners that can slice and dice on the hardwood and perform under the most extreme conditions. The competition though is bold and tempers can reach a boiling point before quickly simmering. You cannot have a sound team without experienced leadership. These coaches have the skills and intuition to cook up the perfect play for any type of situation. It’s officially that time for the Blue Wolf Tavern Tournament. Continue reading

How often are you eating fish? Be honest, we will not judge. On average, Americans consume half of the recommended serving size based on U.S. dietary guidelines. In fact, the American Heart Association strongly urges adults to eat fish at least twice a week.

Fish is lean and features key nutrients to healthy living including protein, selenium, vitamin D, vitamin B-12 and most importantly, omega-3 fatty acids. This helps reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease, as well as a number of other heart-related illnesses.

Plus, fish is the ultimate brain food! No, really, it is. Research has shown us the fatty and amino acids in certain types of fish can improve the health and functionality of your brain. Continue reading

Oh, the weather outside is… Getting better! But still cold…

Come on now, we’re seasoned veterans who know a thing or two about coping with this weather. And at last check, the first day of spring is only about two weeks away.

So soup, anyone? There’s no better time to enjoy a warm bowl of your favorite ingredients than now. Hmm, searching for a new recipe to sample? Or, perhaps you’re not the biggest soup fanatic. We’re confident you’ll become a soup specialist by the end of this post as we share with you our favorite soup recipes. Continue reading

Colder temperatures mean it’s time to roll out the comfort food. From pastas and soups to baked chicken dishes and plenty of melted cheese, comfort food keeps us warm when the mercury drops…unfortunately, it doesn’t do us any favors with our waistline.

However, with portion moderation and regular exercise, the right comfort foods can actually help with weight loss. Of course, they aren’t a substitute for a healthful lifestyle, but who’s going to say “no” to comfort foods that help?

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Which wine pairs best with ribs?

A question probably not asked too often on Sunday…or Thursday Night. But as diehard football fans and purveyors of upper level football grub, we think you can enjoy a glass of wine during the game just as much as a cold beer.

Granted, sipping a 2007 Rosato in the tailgate lot may seem as out of place as a porkchop in a salad bar. But not every occasion calls for brewskie. For instance, let’s say it’s Thursday and you just ordered dinner at your favorite locally owned restaurant named after an azure-hued canine. Maybe you ordered a cut of sirloin or a nice steak & rib combo and a baked potato. And maybe a tall, frosty beer sounds a little too heavy to go with your meal.

Or maybe you’re just an ambassador for fine taste, showing the rest of us savages how it’s done.

Whatever the reason, pairing a glass of wine with football food is more than possible – it will actually bring out some pretty incredible flavors with your meal. Allow us to help guide you through this uncharted territory. Continue reading

If you’ve ever tried dicing onions at home, then you already know how much of a tear-jerking experience it can be. And we’re not talking about slicing your finger with the knife (though we highly recommend avoiding that too).

However, with a little info and advice, you can dice an entire onion without shedding a tear, or at least minimizing the waterworks. Continue reading

There was a time when ordering a beer with dinner was as simple as, “Give me a light beer.”

Those were dark times. Dark times, indeed.

But with the skyrocketing popularity of craft beers, restaurateurs and customers alike are recognizing the versatility of pairing beer with food. Diners opting for a beer pairing in lieu of wine are increasing due to the complex flavors that beer brings out of food.

That’s not to say pairing wine with your food is a bad idea – far from it. But craft brewers are mad scientists when it comes to selecting the right ingredients to suit just about any kind of food. As a result, the right craft beer can bring out flavors in food that wine never could.

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Perfectly Diced Peppers No Muss, No Fuss

Dicing bell peppers, or anything for that matter, can be one of the most annoying parts of prepping a kitchen. Those seeds get everywhere!

When it comes to dicing, people think they have to be a Gordon Ramsay every time. But moving fast doesn’t always make for top-shelf knife skills. Our advice is to take your time and save yourself an ER trip (or three).

Here are a few easy tips to quickly get perfectly diced peppers with as little mess as possible. Continue reading

Eating Seafood Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

We hope everybody is having a great summer so far! Cooking this time of year can be a challenge because nobody wants the heavy, rich foods that they typically eat during the Ohio winters. So, for a low-calorie option that is rich in nutrients, seafood is the way to go.

Our kitchen always has a great fish feature on the dinner menu, from swordfish and Chilean sea bass, to a delicious Fresh Seafood Pomodoro. Aside from being delicious (which it absolutely is), we like to feature seafood this time of year because it’s light and has so many health benefits. Continue reading

Blue Wolf Tavern has Live Music all Summer Long!

With our seasonal food and drink specials, our dining room is always packed in the summer. But after you’ve enjoyed a delicious meal, where do you go from there?

We’d like to invite you to stick around on Thursdays for some great local music in our lounge area. Whether you’re into blues, acoustic pop, or some light jazz, we have something for just about everybody.

We’ve been hosting musicians for a little over a month and we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that our lounge creates the perfect ambience for a very enjoyable live music experience. While we may not be CBGB or the Blue Note, it’s great settling in one of our booths, sipping one of our signature cocktails, and taking in some of the sounds of Youngstown. Continue reading